Richard Allan Jones

Appearing as a "businessman" on the movie "Skull Island." Dressed in yellow im opening scene...

 A female inmate (Casey Kramer) receives her husband (Richard Allan Jones) for a three-day conjugal visit on prison grounds, but soon discovers that he has brought contraband into the prison. This leads to a fissure in their relationship, which they desperately try to repair before the end of their visit. 

On the set of "Medicine Men," a western where I play a person who tries to save the town.

On stage at Irving, TX theater as Dr. Armstrong in the who-dun-it, "Ten Little Indians."

Voice-over - American Film Institute
Did an ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) for the film "Jeff" at AFI, playing the role of the judge at the Jeffrey Dahmer trial.

Another western, "Jonah Hex."

My "family" in the movie "Newest Pledge."

Goliath  (2016)
Spent a day on set in a Santa Monica dive bar as an L.A. tourist. Successful series on Amazon starring Billy Bob Thornton.