Richard Allan Jones​​

Voice-over - American Film Institute
Did an ADR (Additional Dialogue Recording) for the film "Jeff" at AFI, playing the role of the judge at the Jeffrey Dahmer trial.

Appearing as a "businessman" on the movie "Skull Island." Dressed in yellow in opening scene...

 A female inmate (Casey Kramer) receives her husband (Richard Allan Jones) for a three-day conjugal visit on prison grounds, but soon discovers that he has brought contraband into the prison. This leads to a fissure in their relationship, which they desperately try to repair before the end of their visit. 

Goliath  (2016-2018)
Spent 3 days on set in a Santa Monica dive bar as an L.A. tourist. Series is on Amazon starring Billy Bob Thornton.

On stage at Irving, TX theater as Dr. Armstrong in the who-dun-it, "Ten Little Indians."

On the set of "Medicine Men," where I play a person who tries to save the town.

My "family" in the movie "Newest Pledge."

Another western, "Jonah Hex."