Latest Events

Deadwood  (2019)
A TV western movie made as a follow-up to the HBO series. I'm a townsperson.

Call of the Wild  (2020)
Play a prospector in the film adaption of the Jack London novel, starring Harrison Ford.

Fresh Off the Boat  (2019)
Appeared on this ABC TV show in January.

Fake News  (2019)
I play a supreme court judge in this film about murder, fake news, and politics. Shown here with John Savage (Hair, Deer Hunter, Godfather 3)

The Hater  (2020)
New feature film

The Night Dancer  (2019)
A veteran obsessed with an Asian dancer who aspires to be on the stage. An AFI short.

Nana Pilot  (2019)
Had a nice part in this pilot episode shot at Fox Studios, but series didn't get picked up.

Played a Vietnam Veteran in drug rehab on the Amazon show.  Bosch (2019)

Better Things  (2019)
Season 2 Fox Network

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

Spent two weeks at Universal Studios filming a small part in the new Tarantino film. I never made it to the screen.


Richard Allan Jones​​